Creative Science Projects for Elementary School Students

It’s science project season, and the last thing you want to see is yet another baking soda volcano.

So this year, why not take learning to new heights?

Kites are a fun way to explore science at any level. As their colourful creations take to the sky, students can learn about everything from the origins of wind to the physics of flight. Not your average elementary school science project!

Kite Science Projects for Elementary School Students

Not only are kites fun to fly, but they’re also an incredible jump-off point for a variety of scientific topics. You can focus on what you enjoy and what the students want to know, all the while having a great time outdoors.

Need inspiration? Here are a few sample science experiments for elementary school students:

  • How does wind speed affect how easy it is to get a kite to fly?
  • How does wind speed affect a kite’s stability?
  • How does adding or removing a tail affect the kite? What about short vs. long?
  • How does your speed affect the kite? What happens when you run? Walk?
  • What is the optimal string length for flying a kite?
  • How do objects such as trees and buildings affect how the kite flies?

Kite Kits from Kites in the Classroom

Our kite kits have been purchased by over 6,000 schools across North America and flown by over half a million children. Our kite kits are affordable, easy to assemble and can be decorated in imaginative ways. They come complete with everything you need and can be put together and in the air within hours.

Each kit comes with a Curriculum Support Guide that includes a variety of suggestions on how to make kites both fun and educational. You can also check our project ideas for more inspiration on creating science projects for elementary school students.

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