Summertime Fun Church Activities for Children

Let’s be thankful for the arrival of spring! And the good news that summer is soon to follow.HappyChildren

The change of seasons allows for a change of activities that children can enjoy during Sunday school and other church events. Children love to be creative and active and our kite kits provide both.

The Tyvek fabric is easy to decorate with crayons or markers, glitter, ribbon, stickers and so many other craft items. You can work the kites into your Sunday school curriculum in a simple way. Start by choosing a theme such as Noah’s ark, how God shows his love for us, or how we can serve others. Ask the children to decorate their kites with their depiction of these themes. Once the decorating is done and the kite is assembled, they can head outdoors to see what their design looks like with the sun shining on it. As our kites are designed to fly with very little effort, the children will feel proud of their artwork and revel in their accomplishment (and have fun with their friends!).




Image courtesy of  David Robert Bliwas