Learning with Kites


Kites as Educational Learning Tools

We all know kites are a ton of fun, but did you know that they also make great learning tools?

Whether you’re an elementary school teacher looking for a unique class project or a camp programmer looking an inclusive activity, our kite kit is exactly what you’ve been looking for—and more.

Learning Tools with No Bounds

Kites are inherently educational. While flying a kite, whether you’re aware of it or not, you’re directly involved in lessons of aerodynamics, physics, math, earth science, problem solving and more. These topics can be modified to suit all ages and interests, and even extended to include kite history and culture.

And of course, kites are more than just learning tools. They’re fun! Nothing beats decorating and flying a kite with your classmates and friends. It’s the ultimate way to spend a breezy morning or afternoon, and when you’re finished, you can take your kite home and do it all over again.

Kite Kits from Kites in the Classroom

Our kite kits come complete with everything you need to build and fly a kite, plus a practical Curriculum Support Guide filled with suggestions on how to make your kite day both fun and educational. Our kites are easy to assemble and fly with very little wind and effort, making them ideal of children of all ages. They can be assembled, decorated and flown on the same day!

They’re also an affordable learning tool. We offer bulk discounts, and accept school and school district purchase orders. It’s never been easier to take learning to new heights!

What Teachers, Parents and Students are Saying About our Learning Tools

“The kites I purchased for Oak Tree School and Grizzly Hill School were a huge success. All the kids and teachers loved the kite experience. What a sight to see over 100 kites in the air and all those smiles!”
~ Mindi Morton, Grizzly Hill Parent Teacher Club President, CA

“We loved this project. It was super and we would like to try it again. The designs the kids came up with were great and it was a wonderful end of the year project.”
~ Nancy Johnson & Robin Wormser, 3rd Grade – Williams Elementary, MI

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