Creative Science Projects for 5th Graders

Creative Science Projects for 5th Graders

Coming up with creative science projects isn’t easy.

Even when you think you have a winner, sometimes it’s actually a flop. That’s why we’re creating a list of teacher approved (and tested) projects for 5th-grade science classes.

We’ve got you covered.

It’s never too late to help a child fall in love with science … it’s never too early either :D. We’ve been working our little hinnies off looking for amazing 5th-grade science lessons. Of course, kites are an excellent choice (shameless plug). And there are countless other creative lessons and projects that your kids will love.

We’re also reaching out to other teachers to share the goods, i.e. their best lessons (because in the end, it’s all about the kids). If you have a lesson that has very nearly changed lives, please share it with us, and we’ll add it to our list. Only your best lesson or project.

Maybe you’re here because you’re tired of trying to come up with creative lessons out of a vacuum.

Maybe you’re here because you are an awesome teacher who is getting ready for next year.

Maybe you’re here because you need a supercalafragalisticexpialadoshus lesson for TOMORROW!

Regardless, of what brought you here we’re glad to have you.

As we build our list of creative 5th-grade science project ideas we will add them to this page with links back to more detailed instructions and/or lesson plans if they’re necessary.

Finally, if you have any amazing science lessons for fifth graders (that the kids always love please share them with us).  We can’t wait to share them with everyone else.

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