Over the years, we have received volumes of letters, cards, and appraisals from principals, teachers, parents and kids expressing their happiness which our kites have brought them. We are proud to share their views with you.

“Dear Mr Tschofen,
Our kites fly great. I really enjoyed making the kite and flying it. When I was flying my kite then the string broke and it went in a tree. When it was about 4:00 my dad and I got it down. I like my kite, when I am not flying it, I keep it in my room.”
~ Nina, Grade 5.

“Your kite kits are user friendly and very well designed! You can only imagine the expression of delight on each student’s face, when their personalized kites took flight. They had a wonderful experience – allowing them to apply the knowledge and skills learned in class. Thank you for the affordable kits. My students had a lot of fun.”
~ Miss M Abate, Talbot Elementary School, ON

“The kites I purchased for Oak Tree School and Grizzly Hill School were a huge success. All the kids and teachers loved the kite experience. What a sight to see over 100 kites in the air and all those smiles!”
~ Mindi Morton, Grizzly Hill Parent Teacher Club President, CA

“We loved this project. It was super and we would like to try it again. The designs the kids came up with were great and it was a wonderful end of the year project.”
~ Nancy Johnson & Robin Wormser, 3rd Grade – Williams Elementary, MI

“Thank you for the kites, my class really enjoyed making and flying them. This has become a spring tradition in our class now. I have recommended them to other teachers in my school, you might hear from them soon.”
~ Gloria Leash, Champlain Heights School, BC